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Would like to work the sand dunes along Lake shore - out to get some new things in them
[[underlined]] Michigan City [[/underlined]] is a good point to work sand dunes big bare drifts 75 ft high. Strike the lake again - 
Past Michigan City in Indiana. Woods, brush and swamps, Jack oak, white oak, black oak, 2 kinds of pine, Alders, Willows, Popples, small evergreen shrubs
Log houses -
Small fields, Rail fences -
Low damp ground & must be unhealthy
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Near Michigan line more woods - larger trees beech & elm & ash - no pine.
Better farms, all winter wheat -
Tamarac swamps -

[[underlined]] Niles [[/underlined]]
Same kind of country to [[strikethrough]] [[overwritten]] Cassapolis [[/overwritten]] Lawton [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Lawton [[/underlined]]
Big black ash & tamarac swamps, walnut, hicory beech, sycamore & a large pine; only few pines more hilly near -
[[underlined]] Kalamazoo [[/underlined]]
Prett[[strikethrough]] y [[/strikethrough]]ies little depo I ever saw at Kalamazoo - 
& a boat on flat car Just like mine - to be - 
[[underlined]] Battle Creek [[/underlined]] dusk -

Transcription Notes:
Populus tremuloides - commonly called Popple tree Tamarac = tamarack swamps hicory = think Vernon misspelt Hickory