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Oct. 22 [[underlined]] Halleck. Nevada [[/underlined]] - 18°
[[underlined]] Perognathus [[/underlined]], 2 kinds habits same, both at one holes
[[underlined]] Tamias [[/underlined]] pictus, cut off tops of Artemesia for seeds.
Lepus (tex.?) bones & skull all around. no Rabbits or tracks seen -
Coyotes, howl all around one seen yesterday.
Found Ouzetomys dung at hole.
Caught 6 Tamias pictus -
Perognathus with big tail has the tail vertebra thick in middle, [[ospenis?]] short & curved.

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Oct. 22. 
Lanius excubitoroide 1.
Magpie, com - 
Otocoris, com -

" [[Ditto for: Oct]] 23 [[underlined]] 5 miles past Halleck [[/underlined]]

Kingfisher 1,
Magpies, abn -
Ravens, a few

" [[Ditto for: Oct]] 24 Meadowlark 1.
Mallards 5 -
Teal, com.
Otocoris, com -
Perognathus fasci, 3 -
Onychomys 1
Brant heard -

Transcription Notes:
It is probably "ospenis", which is more correctly os penis: Latin names googled and confirmed. Spelling mistakes kept. Any not sure of are in [[?]]. Best guess given Otocosis = Otocorys alpestris = prairie horned lark

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