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[[underlined]] Elko [[/underlined]]
25. Colaptes cafer 1
Magpies, numerous -
Ravens, com -

" [[Ditto for: Oct]] 27, Scolecophagus cyanocephalus a few
Melospiza, a few -
Sturnella, 1.
Otocoris, com -
Lepus sylvaticus, 1 seen
Tamias, said to be [[rare?]] at Elko, seen 8 miles E. & one seen 8 miles W. of Elko -
Porcupines said to be found here
Musk Rats, a few -
[[end page]]

[[start page]]
Arvicolas, com. along river -
[[bracket]] Camped in caƱon [[underlined]] half way to Carlin [[/underlined]]
Arctomys dung in rocks

Oct. 28 Caught -
Perognathus olivacus  6 -
Onychomys 4
Hesperomys Erem. 1
" [[Ditto for: Hesperomys]] sonoriensis 2
Coyotes, abn.
Salpinctus, heard - 
Kingfisher. com -
Circus 1.

Transcription Notes:
Place names and latin names checked as much as possible. Salpinctus presumably Salpinctes. Perognathus olivacus probably means Perognathus olivaceus Hesperomys is an obsolete genus of American rodents Scolecophagus cyanocephalus possibly Brewers blackbird