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[[underlined]] Lander & Nye Cos. line [[/underlined]]

Nov. 17,
Kingfisher, 1. 
Bubo, one heard in hills.
Cyanocephalys cyanocephalys, 100 or more in
pines, roost where first sunshine strikes them.
Picicorvus, several seen.
Juncos, a lot in pines, 50 -
Kinglets, several of a new kind to me -
Coyotes, one seen -
Blacktail Deer, 1 seen
Perognathus, one shot at 2 P.M.
Thomomys, H. caught 1.
Porcupine - pine trees gnawed on nut.
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[[underlined]] up CaƱon to top [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Nov. 18 [[/underlined]]
Colaptes cafer 2.
Cyanocephalus - com.
Picicorvus [[ditto for: com.]]
Junco oregonus [[ditto for: com.]]
Anthus ludovocianus 1, in sagebrush.
Deer tracks at summit -
Porcupine gnawings seen -
Tamias pictus, goes to top -
Thomomys, goes to top -
Sialia arctica, 4.

Transcription Notes:
latin names checked as much as possible Edited: Lander county