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Apr. 8 Left [[strikethrough]] home [[/strikethrough]] Elk River at 4:50 P.M.
Spots of snow in shady places, rivers & brook open & ponds open, lakes froze over yet. Frost out on sand, Plowing.
Buds started on some trees, 

" [[Ditto for: Apr.]] 9 Left Minneapolis at 8:40 on C. St. P.M. & O. R.R.
Clear & bright.
Buffleheads at St. Peters
Cormorants, 3 at Mankato
Lakes partly open.
Flicker 1.
Mallards, a few
Cold wind. few birds, 

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Lakes open after getting on the prairie.
Men seeding with fur overcoats on. 

Apr. 10 [[underlined]] Mo. Valley [[/underlined]] all night
Little frost in morning.
Progne subis, 1 [[male symbol]]
Passer domestica in town. & building nests
Elders in blossom,
Mo. R. low, much [[lay?]] -
Left Mo. Valley at 9. A.M.
Willows beginning to blossom
High bluffs, [[claye?]] - dark soil, fine farms, good buildings, large fields.