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Apr. 10 [[underlined]] Kennard Neb [[/underlined]] -
Nice country farms & fruit trees
Mostly corn.

[[underlined]] Arlington [[/underlined]]
A small river [[insertion]] [[Fremont?]] R. [[/insertion]] with a line of trees, broad rich valley, big fields, Maples in blossom.

[[underlined]] Fremont [[/underlined]]
Nice valley. 
Jack Snipe 2.

[[underlined]] West Point [[/underlined]]
Valley narrow.
Soil still dark.

[[underlined]] Wisnor [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Pilger [[/underlined]]

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[[underlined]] Norfolk Dinner [[/underlined]] 2 P.M.
Warm -
[[underlined]] Battle creek [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Oakdale [[/underlined]]
Soil dark, some sandy -
[[underlined]] Neligh [[/underlined]]
More sandy.
[[underlined]] Clearwater [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Atkinson [[/underlined]], 3 boys barefoot.
Flat, sandy -
[[underlined]] Long Pine. [[/underlined]] Supper, dark -
Flat, sandy, grassy, scrubby pines, (?)