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[[underlined]] To Kenedy [[/underlined]]
Spîzella monticola 6.
[[strikethrough]] [[Pocecostes gram?]]. 2 (?) [[/strikethrough]]
Antelope, Mr. Wills killed 2 from a bunch of 5 in Feb. 1889.
He tells me of a little Fantailed Deer that seems to be just like the Mex. Deer.
He says there are a few Blacktail Deer not far west of here
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Apr. 16 [[underlined]] Mr. Wills' Ranch [[/underlined]]

P. Dog town, 80 acres, 200 or 400 dogs.
P.D. ♀ ad, teats 4-4, used ureters shows 4 young lately born.
Stom. full of green grass, fat
P.D. ♂, not much fat, ragged, grass in stom. 
Speotyto O. hypogeas 2,
Longspurs 20.
Spizella monticols 20.
Spoonbills 10
Greenwing Teal 50
Mallards 8
Long tail D. 4
Short eared Owl 2.

Transcription Notes:
Shîzilla montrèales = Spizella monteils Ambrosia:- Could also be Spizella monticola - I think it's more likely that given the way he writes his "c" Don't think he meant to have an accent over what looks like an e, think that's actually a c and the accent is a dot over the previous i. Also his p's look very similar to his h's. - in this case it is a p.