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[[underlined]] Kennedy [[/underlined]]
[[margin]] Apr. 24. [[/margin]]
Bittern heard (7)
cold & windy
[[margin]] " [[ditto for: Apr.]] 25 [[/margin]]
A hard frost
Spoonbills 50. in my Alkalie Lake.
Gulls - 3 by my lake.
Coots 2 in Stouts lake.
Larus delawarensis 4.

[[margin]] " [[ditto for: Apr.]] 28 [[/margin]]
[[underlined]] To Valentine [[/underlined]]
Mourning Dove, one at Simeon
Plover, 2

[[end page]]
[[start page]]
[[margin]] Apr. 29 [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Left Valentine [[/underlined]] 10:30 A.M.
Up the Minnekadusa valley. A narrow valley no trees & little brush.
Some fields & farms, good grass,
Plums in blossom & willows green,
Soon left creek valley & pass through sand hills, few settlers _
some ponds & marshes
[[underlined]] Dinner at Cody [[/underlined]]
more sloughs & a creek
[[underlined]] Merriman [[/underlined]] 2 P.M.
50 Rat houses in slough -
[[underlined]] Erwin [[/underlined]]
Larger ponds & valleys.

Transcription Notes:
Could be "my" in the sense that he might have camped or stopped there?? -> Ambrosia - don't think it's "my" as he's travelling. Think in context it must be some other word, so have put in brackets with ?