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[[underlined]] Montreal to Camp Tewauua [[/underlined]]

Canadian Pacific Station, the park - Mt. Royal - on an old volcano - were all visited. On top of the park hill, we saw a toboggan slide. Miss Haiglet: who went about with us, told us of winter sports - 1 week in January - the ice palace which cost $10,000 & is so dangerous to construct on account of cold and slipping that they will probably never have another - of storming of the Palace by ^ [[insertion]] white [[/insertion]] blanket snow shoe clubs - firewood assault. etc. Large French population.
[[underlined]] July 13. [[/underlined]]  I left Montreal by Canadian Pacific & ^ [[insertion]] after crossing the W. L. [[/insertion]] spent the day passing through - winding in and out among the Green Mts. - beautiful wooded blue mts with good outlines - & then the White Mts. past Fabyans etc. down to Fryeburg. (had an observation car from Fabyans through the best part of the mts.) N.B. It is more impressive to go west through the mts. as the grandest part comes last. 
Spent the night at Fryeburg at the Arguenot (named by the woman who keeps it - to admonish(?) her husband who argued over the name.
[[underlined]] July. 14. [[/underlined]] Left Fryeburg at 7 am. by livery & had a cool refreshing drive out to Camp Tewauua, past New Engld farm houses, through pine woods & fields.

Transcription Notes:
Found Fabyans mentioned in a White Mountain Guide circa 1890 and Tewauua in New York times from 1874.