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I was drawn in - pushed in - carried into the circle by a Score on a little legs, of stalwart men. My hands were placed, one to the right & the other to the left - into those of two lady Esquimaux - one [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] a member of the family of the good priest & the other of respectable lineage. I struggled, but the slave struggled too - I was conquered. Dance I must & [[underlined]] dance [[underlined]] (!) I did! The town of Holsteinborg was now looking upon me, or rather at my feet! So was a goodly proportion of the inhabitants of New London & Groton ^[[insertion]] (both in [[/insertion]] Connecticut), that land of sturdy habits whence Yankee blacks & wooden nut-megs eminate so plentifully! ^[[insertion]] I danced - but [[/insertion]] Nobody suffered by it save a few dusky maids ^[[insertion]] of Holsteinborg [[/insertion]] who left the dance one by one limping awfully, remarking: 'that fellow's a good dancer (never danced before in all my life!) but he's very heavy & far-reaching in his pedals!' The cheers were numerous & hearty that I had danced! I felt better, I will confess. I am sure I had evils that found their way out at my tripping feet. After I was through with my dancing, I went 
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below.  Succeeded in getting up a sing by the Esquimaux.  The leader was the School-Master ^[[insertion]] of Holsteinborg [[/insertion]] who is a capital fellow & singer. The cabin was full - better singing is not easily found. "A.B.C. Song" Church [[strikethrough]] tunes [[/strikethrough]] ^[[insertion]] tunes [[/insertion]] - National songs , "Hail Columbia" -  Our boys cheered - Sang "Star Spangled banner" during wh. I raised the silk one I have to [[strikethrough]] raise [[/strikethrough] place over Franklin's grave.  The School-Master reads in Boys Book of Voyage the Esquimaux verses.  Sings them. others read - his wife.
The present of beads to School Master's infant. Thankfulness of his wife - the prettiest in Boat- modesty. Sterrys pistol shot - Colt's Revolver - the surprise!
Beautiful subject for illustration the dance of Esquimaux girls in Costume with Americans. Dance to midnight - the cheerful - friendly parting.
Quite an excitement on board this morning ^[[insertion]] (or rather late last night) [[/insertion]]]] Fair breeze from the East. Capt B. sent [[?]] to town for the men there dancing - to come aboard to get under way for whale fishing ground.
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Transcription Notes:
Sterry was the ships blacksmith.

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