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[[across double page]] Tuesday July 17/60 [[/across double page]]
a question: if she had blue beads plenty? Attempted to ans. in American ~ failed. - embarrassed - then answered in Danish wh. she was aware was an unknown tongue to me.  This caused a burst of laughter from Madam Kjer & myself in wh.  Miss Bülow joined.
Soon Gov. Elbery & Capt B. entered - the convivial party.  the painting [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] of flowers from Nature [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] by Miss Bülow - the letter & present ^[[insertion]] of worked lace cotton [[/insertion]] by the same for Mrs. Hall.  The ^[[insertion]] worked [[/insertion]] lace from Mad. Kjer for M.  The presents from M. to Capt. B. The Knitting of pair wristlets, to-day, by Mrs. Kjer & presenting to me.  Minister Kjer at work translating [[insertion]] story [[/insertion]] "Robinson Crusoe" into Esquimaux to print copies to distribute among [[strikethrough]] his [[/strikethrough]] his people [[insertion]] the Innuits  [[/insertion]]in Greenland.
The library [[insertion]] of the priest [[/insertion]] - Esquimaux Bible & many other works in that tongue.
The [[work?]] of Mad. Kjer made of "Kryolith" from Frederick's hope - appearance eg. more like China - 5 ships loading with it this Year.  Dr. Rink made the discovery of its practical use in the Arts.  2-3 & [[4?]] ships every year been transporting ^[[insertion]] for 5 years [[/insertion]] to Copenhagen - Here (in G.)
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to allow 25 cts per barrell for it. It's is a white clay in appearance.
The silver sugar [[money?]] its presentation by a whaler. One Dollar for every whale!
Visit the Blacksmith shop - Saw the Blacksmith a fine ^[[insertion]] looking, [[/insertion]] intelligent mechanic-
Governor, Capt. Budington & I go to look at Esquimaux dogs - I desiring to purchase some.  The Governor ^ [[insertion]] & Capt B. [[/insertion]] decide the qualities for sledge drawing. Purchase 6 from [[strikethrough]] 12 9 [[/strikethrough]] ^ [[insertion]] 10. [[/insertion]] Danish - ($5. Federal Coin).
Their names (1) King-ouk  (White face)
(small & yellow under neck) (2) Bar-pe-Kark ? =Brothers
(3) Ei (pron Ee) (she)
(2d) White   (4) Me-lan-tor (Leader)
Little yellow in ears etc. (5) Me-nâk
(Whitest) (1st w)  (6) Me-lâk 
[[circled]] "Ki-o-koo-lok" Now called "Flora" But - this, 2 or 3 days afterward [[/circled]]  
Over 2 Bushels little dried fishes - "Caperlins" - for 25 Cts - These for dog's food.
Dr. Rink,  42 years of age - Understands 6 languages ^[[insertion]] (French, German, English, Latin, Danish & Esquimaux) [[/insertion]] - bad health from his voyage to East Indies 1848-9-50  Naturalist of the Danish Expedition - [[insertion]] now [[/insertion]] inspector of South Greenland.

[[side-note offset in half-circled, slanted script, halfway down page and adjacent to dogs number 5 and 6:]] "Ki-u-koo-lik" Now Called "Flora" But this, 2 or 3 days afterward
[[there's another "=" after this inset, possibly indicating that Me-nâk and Me-lâk are also brothers or litter-mates]]

Transcription Notes:
I have checked the surnames Kjer and Bud(d)ington in the published memoir "Life with the Esquimaux" Capt's name is Elbery "Kryolith" is German for cryolite, a white mineral occurring in Greenland and used inter alia for Dyeing.

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