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Sankyo & Co came with letter from [[red underline]] Shiohara [[/red underline]] offering services and hospitality as soon as I was thru with my work with Kwanto
I showed him my samples and explained [[red underline]] present Bakelite situation [[/red underline]] to him and reasons why [[red underline]] we should go slowly. [[/red underline]] Then went out to order [[red underline]] shoes. [[/red underline]] Excellent shoes  japanese [[red underline]] shoemaker [[/red underline]] took my measurements same way [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] as I had seen done in Flanders when I was a boy. Only charge [[strikethrough]] 7 Y [[/strikethrough]] 7 yen or $3.50 for a pair of [[red underline]] low tan shoes. [[/red underline]] Coming home found [[strikethrough]] forma [[/strikethrough]] letter was brought to me from Mr. [[red underline]] Takana [[/red underline]] on a long sheet of paper. all in Japanese characters painted on with brush. I got it [[red underline]] translated means: compliments and good wishes [[/red underline]] and invitation to a Japanese dinner to morrow.
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Aug 13. At 9 A.M. conference with the 3 [[red underline]] Kwanto [[/red underline]] engineers and [[red underline]] Kondo. [[/red underline]] They submit estimate of probable cost of electrolytic installation and probable profits. Looks good [[strikethrough]] after [[/strikethrough]] even after 25% is deducted for royalty. This is about 12% net profit. I note in their balance sheet large item for [[red underline]] taxes. [[/red underline]] They also have a [[red underline]] bonus system for their engineers [[/red underline]] and a [[red underline]] pension fund [[/red underline]] and in this may prove [[red underline]] more civilized than Hooker Co. [[/red underline]]
Last night a [[red underline]] typhoon [[/red underline]] started. Violent wind and rain, same all day raging and blowing 
Japanese [[red underline]] bamboo umbrellas [[/red underline]] came out everywhere but many are [[strikethrough]] turned [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] blown in. [[/red underline]] I see men on street with [[red underline]] straw coats [[/red underline]] to protect from rain. Oil cloth, [[red underline]] oil paper, [[/red underline]] appear everywhere. typhoon abates
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