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towards evening. [[red underline]] Telegraph poles [[/red underline]] down, wash outs etc. They tell me a [[red underline]] typhoon [[/red underline]] is supposed to start and finish either at sunset or sunrise, or moon rise or moon down. At 6 P.M. [[red underline]] Kondo [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Shiokara [[/red underline]] the latter in kimono came with automobile to bring me to [[red underline]] Japan. restaurant. [[/red underline]] I am told that those little white [[red underline]] designs [[/red underline]] embroidered on [[red underline]] kimonos [[/red underline]] of men or women means the [[red underline]] crest [[/red underline]] of [[red underline]] their ancestors. [[/red underline]] Arrived at a big low wooden building, seems new, unpainted and unvarnished. Painting or varnishing is against artistic conceptions of Japanese. Entered big gate, then a little garden, dwarf trees, rocks, artificial rockery water etc. At the foot of broad wooden stairs, row of slippers. about [[red underline]] a dozen [[/red underline]] Japanese [[red underline]] women [[/red underline]] all kneel and bow with head near 
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ground. One says: "We wish you welcome notwithstanding the bad weather." My [[red underline]] shoes are removed [[/red underline]] and in my stockings walk up the broad stairs. A long and wide room all unvarnished with mudpapered wood. Ceiling low. Room about 100 feet x by 60 feet.  Long plain screen, clouds and mountain tops. All squat down in two rows about 30 feet distant and I together with [[red underline]] Kondo [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Okawa [[/red underline]] 
[[Diagram of seating arrangement on left side of page]]

^[[Tanaka written over first "x" in top row below]]
           x  x  x  x  x  x
x Okawa

x myself                    O

x Kondo
           x  x  x  x  x  x

[[/Diagram of seating arrangement]]
[[text continuing on right side of diagram]]
[[red underline]] a paper manufacturer [[/red underline]] who speaks, fluently english and learned modern
[[/text on right side of diagram]]
paper making in [[red underline]] Holyoke Mass. [[/red underline]] This gives me opportunity for conversing Okawa has introduced pulp manufacture with NaOH and is now erecting large sulphite pulp plant to use wood from Yezzo.
Tanaka my host, stands up at place marked O, says something in


Transcription Notes:
Perhaps "hegellen" refers to the "Hegelian triad" thesis created by German philosopher Georg Hegel, because Dr. Baekeland is one of three at the left side of the table. Replaced "hegallan" with together.

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