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[[vertical note in left margin in red pencil]] Nepern Park 
[[/vertical note in left margin]]
old [[red underline]] factory at Nepern Park. [[/red underline]] Everything looks sleepy old and delapidated there.  I went alone inside the yards. Smokestack of boiler room fallen down.  All buildings rickety some of them ready to drop down.  [[strikethrough]] Old [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] My old laboratory building has been taken down. [[/red underline]] Not a plant nor a foundation left of it and grass and bush growing as it did when we bought the place.  I understand how Rip Van Winckel must have felt when he revisited his village!  We wound up our excursion by taking tea at Longue Vue.  Beautiful landscape at sunset.  Quiet, reposeful, indian summer weather with slight haze.  All so quiet and peaceful
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[[symbol in top left margin]] #
[[red underline]] while millions are murdering each other in Flanders [[strikethrough]] ! [[/strikethrough]] in muddy trenches!  [[/red underline]]
November 15. (Sunday) Rain and storm all day
Dark and gray.  Spent all day reading war news. [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]] away at [[red underline]] Middlebrooks [[/red underline]] and [[strikethrough]] Geo [[/strikethrough]] Nina away for supper.
November 16.  Dictated letters most of morning.  [[red underline]] Orders still disquietingly small.  [[/red underline]]  Gothelf in Perth Amboy busy with Button Material and with trouble of new transparent material.  There seems no progress anywhere!
Afternoon went to office.  Told May about [[red underline]] Binney [[/red underline]] situation.  Evening [[red underline]] Toch [[/red underline]] invited me for supper at Mouquin.  He offered me a share in his [[red underline]] Baryumsalt enterprise. which [[/red underline]] I declined. Home with 11:30 P.M
[[black underline]] November 17. [[/black underline]] Cold bright and windy 
no orders  Spent evening at University Club with [[strikethrough]] Mr. [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Jason C.]] Moore, conference on Columbia River project. Charge 5 hours
[[symbol and note in left margin]] # 5 hrs.
[[/symbol and note in left margin]]
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