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Mrs. Frank A Robinson
$265.55   F. owes Franklin,
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January 1951
                                                   |    |  B.  |   E
Mon 1 |  got out logs to take to mill 
Tim he and Mary to movies 
F to Bobs at night. |  | 2
[[separation line]]
Tue 2 | hauled logs to mill Took 
hay to mr Swann Mr Frost for 
hay, Bob in aft. warmer. 
Kate in aft |  | 3
[[separation line]]
Wed 3 | F & boys took hay to Mr Frost. & Mrs Burger. Mr Piles & Mr Davis 
Joe shucked corn for Franklin 
F to Bobs at night, Mary & Tim to movies. |  | 2
[[separation line]]
Thurs 4 | stripped tob in morning. started cutting off tob beds. Franklin & B to Woll. [[?]] C. F. R. & [[?]] to Dr Webbers at night Tim at night. F to Maggies in morning. |  | 4
[[separation line]]
Fri 5 | working on tob beds. Grayson Baden to see about hay. F to Bobs at night, Robert to game at school. |  | 2
[[separation line]]
Sat 6 | F to Dr Webbers in morning, & he F & T to W D.C. to Sibleys Hospital for apendicious. F. M. R. Tim & P to W.D.C at night. Cleaned out cellar. Mary & tim to movies at night | 90 | 4
[[separation line]]
Sun 7 |  F. M & R to church & Cheltenham. Tim Mary, Frank Rob Mrs Via Adna Mae & t [[?]] to W. to see Franklin rainy day. Tim & Mary to movies at night. |  | 5

Transcription Notes:
I've kept the preprinted notation as we are to transcribe everything on the page but the TC will want to know what is Elizabeths writing and what isn't. If you are unsure of a word use standard TC notation of [[text?]] tob = tobacco?

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