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I spent the morning in trying to get acquanted
with the people. I do not mean to speak to them
for that mama never lets one do, but just to
study them without being noticed, and name them. 
I have only named a few people yet, but these are the following Tom the Piper, Dr. de Tray,
Mr Whitewash. The colonel Tom, I call so because he smokes a pipe! (ridiculous!)
The Dr. because he is just like a doctor, and
that name sounds like him. Mr Whitewash,
because his shoes look as though they were whitewashed!

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Colonel because he is just, or very much like C. Payne.
I felt pretty well to-day in all.  This morning I did not feel as well as I might have, but the rest of the day I felt "fine".
I walked almost all the evening, and went to bed early.
Though it was showery in New York, we ran out of it, and after my nap in the afternoon, the sun was shinning as brightly as possible.
We passed the Ida at about two o'clock.  It is the  German ship which left just as we did.  We also passed the French ship which left one hour before us.  The pilot left us at twelve.