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May 11th. 1890. Sunday

I was sorry to see this morning, that it had not only rained in the night; but it had not stopped then. After breakfast however it began to clear up, and was soon a nice day.  I went to service in the morning which was was very nice, the singing expresly, it was so hearty.  
A good many of the sailors and stewards took part in it also.  We took baby! It is
the first time she has ever been, and she was just as good as she could be, not even deingning to smile
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at me.  I enjoyed lunch very much, more than I ever enjoy my lunch on board.
It is lovely where we have our chair, right under one of the life boats, so we can admire the ocean, and not have the sun right in our eyes.
I have named another fellow, he is fat, so the name Pickle suits him very well.  A nice round fat Pickle.
We passed a German ship going to New York at about 4 o'clock. It was quite near, I should say 2 miles off at the most.
I forgot to say yesterday that I received a large box of yellow and pink