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[[preprinted]] 12 [[/preprinted]]
[[preprinted]] Friday Jan 12 [[/preprinted]]
about 10 inches of snow fell
all day. Nothing doing all
day. I went down to Steele's
at night till 10 o'clock. It 
was [[Calvin?]] Steele's birthday.
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[[preprinted]] 13 [[/preprinted]]
[[preprinted]] Saturday Jan 13 [[/preprinted]]
Kind of cold to-day.  Nothing doing except I went over to the dentists and a few other things. Jut and I went hitching on our 
sleds. Good fun pushing each other off by our hats. There was boxing up at Goodrich's. Will G. gave Cushat Arnold a bloody nose. You ought to have seen Mr. Goodrich come up and taught them how to 
box - no hitting allowed, but there was. Cushat practise's shooting goals with the hockey stick and puck in the house.