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 April 1865.    226 

[[underlined]] Saturday 15. [[/underlined]]  
Early this morning I was informed of the sad news of the murder of President Lincon,  he was shot while attending a performance at Ford's Theater last night in Washington.  The assassin entered his private box and shot him in back of his head and then escaped, the assassins name is [[long blank space]] about the same hour Secretary W H Seward was attacked by an assassin while he lay in his sick bed, he was struck with a billy on the head and stabbed in the neck.  I painted a part of the morning on N. 114 and finished N. 119.
  This afternoon the funeral of Col[[superscript]][[e?]][[/superscript]]. William Sargent passed here, military rigement with a band and a company of horse, then the coffin covered with the U S. Flag and then an emence number of carriages followed.  This has been truly a day of morning, the flags all over the city at half mast and and decorrated with crape, the front of the State Hous is draped with black and so are many houses along chesnut Street 52°. calm & clo 10.  62°. calm sw rain.  57°, calm, rain. 
[[underlined]] Sunday 16. [[/underlined]] I went this morning with Mary to Saint James's Church, Rev [[superscript]] d [[/superscript]]. D [[superscript]] r[[/superscript]]. Morten sat in Franklins pew second from the pulpit, but couldnot hear a word spoken either the service or the sermen.  The fact of my hearing being bad is daily becomeing more apparent I was much overcome by the time I reached the church, met Thomas Walker at the cornir of Chesnut & Sevent Sts. who who also was going to the church, met Mary who was coming from Sunday school to meet me. Coleman Sellers called to see me this afternoon & gave me two tickets to hear Professor Mortons Lecture on Light, Franklin Institute at the Academy of Music on Tuesday evening April 25 instant.
56°. calm w, clear. 64°. w a shower as I left church got wet. 47°. w, clo 5.
[[underlined]] Monday 17. [[/underlined]] Charles and Albert called soon after breakefast for me to accompany them to Frankford we got into the Dummy steam engine and when we got nearly to Frankford the carr run off the track which detained us near an hour, after getting to the depot we looked around and took the next carr and returned to dinner, he afterward went to Greys ferry and called here in the afternoon with Harriet. Just at that time there was an emence crowd at