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May 1862.  4
[[underlined]] Continuation of Rubens Peale's journal. [[/underlined]]
Thermometer at sunrise, at noon and nine oclock in the evening with state of the weather at each time.
[[underlined]] Wednesday 21st. [[/underlined]] I commenced to clean out the green room and the rain came in and prevented my going on with it, worked a part of the day in the garden planted out Tomatoes &c - 
55°. calm n e drizzly rain. 64°. e clo 10 s e. 66°. s w Just comd. to thunder & lightning and Rain s w.
[[underlined]] Thursday 22. [[/underlined]] I cleaned out the green room and Studio, which took me nearly the whole day, and dressed the rockery &c. &c.
[[left margin]] set a Hen [[/left margin]] Mrs. Peale set a hen in the Henhouse. 
Moved the stove & dressor into the outer kitchen for the summer. 
Louisia, & A. E. Hubley came this morning from Pott. in the carrs.
  It rained during the night violently,  the water overflowed a part of the meadow where the wheat and barley was sown.
62°. calm, a little fog s w. 72°, calm w clo 2 n w. 61° calm clear.
[[underlined]] Friday 23. [[/underlined]]
I worked in the flower garden all the morning Edward, Louisia, Fanny and A. E. Hubley went soon after breakfast in the carriage to Shamoken.  I sent by them Rheubarb, Asparagus, and some cuttings of Cactus, Fucias Ceres &c.  Mrs. Peale and I went to S. Haven after dinner, I observed that Sally was very sluggish or lazy, and 2 or 3 times inclined to stop, I urged her on, and when we stopped at Mrs. Levans door we observed she leaned over to the left inclining to fall  Mrs. Peale urged me to unhitch her, I thought by her standing a few minutes she would be better, but she inclined to fall to the right, and down she went and broke the shalve, several persons came to my assistance, got her disengaged from the buggy, she then got up they took her to the stable and she kicked and tossed about for some time, they gave her some Mustard & wine, she soon become easy and eat some hay.  I left her there and went