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4  May and June 1862.
Saturday 31.  I worked the greater part of the day in the garden fixing up the yard at the other house Edward had the fence put back two pannels to give more room in front of the house.
Mr. F. Hubley came from Potte. in the carrs to the landing this afternoon, quite unexpectedly to us.  57° calm clo 10 s. e. 74° s e clo 5 s.w. 62° calm clear.
[[double underlined]] Sunday June 1st, 1862 [[/underlined]]
I did intend going to St. Jame's Church today but it was raining which stopped me, it soon ceased however.
After dinner Frederick & John Patterson came down and took supper with us at Edwards. 56°. calm rain s e. 64° calm, mist. 64°. calm, clo 10 lightning.
[[underlined]] Monday 2. [[underlined]]
I enclosed a bed at the east side of Edwards porch corrisponding to the one I fixed the other day on the west side and planted flowers & pots &c. fixed the gate that had swayyed, sowed a large bed of onion seed.  Frederic planted out in the field a quantity of Tomatoes.  Daniel has made a drain to carry the water from the Barnyard trough inside of the new fence & so through that of the garden.  John has whitewashed the new fence which makes it look more chearful.  Edward took to Potte. this afternoon Louisia and A. E. Hubley.  Mr. Hubley went to Reading this morny in the carrs.
62°. calm dence fog. 81°. calm clo 5 n. w. 73°. clouded up from s. w. & at 7 comd. to lightning from s w to n e.
[[underlined]] Tuesday 3. [[underlined]]
I fixed hoes for the hands to dress the corn, they commenced to cultivate it this morning. Edward & I made the gates to the barn this afternoon and hung them.  
64°. rain in the night, calm w clo 9 w. 87° w clo 4 w. at 6 oclock a violent wind s w with Thunder & lightning heavy rain 69°. s e rain all the evening lightning all round.
[[underlined]] Wednesday 4. [underlined]]
I have been kept in the house all day as it has been raining incessantly. The river is remarcably high The warter covers all the lower meadow and partially the second at this time. I put up the bedstead and tacked down the carpet in the room over the hall & attended to other matters, made candles &c &c.