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June 4. 1862.
64°. n e rain. 65°. n e rain. 60°. n e rain. 
[[underlined]] Thursday 5. [[/underlined]] I took Mary's stove pipe and drum down and cleaned them, sweepped her studio and cleaned it well for it was raining all day. The water covered the meadow quite as much as it did in the great flood of 1855.
I made 3 pounds of mould candles, and fixed some of the grape branches and roses about the house that were detached by the storm yesterday.
63°. n e rain all night & continuing. The river as high as it was in 1855. 68° n e rain. 62° calm, clo 9 w.
[[underlined]] Friday 6. [[/underlined]] I made 3 Lb of candles, as the ground was so wet that nothing could be done outdoors. The water has dissappeared from the meadow. The damage done by the constant rain has deranged the coal operations, filling most of them with water, carrying away many bridges and taring up many of the railroad tracks, [[strikethrough]] [[?]][[/strikethrough]] At St. Clair some of the houses were carryed away, filling many cellars &c
James & Matilda & children and Mrs. Clemens came and spent the day with us.
58°. calm fog. 76°. s e clo 1. s. 61° calm, clo 2 s. w.
[[underlined]] Saturday 7. [[/underlined]] Edward Louisia Fanny & A E. Hubley went soon after breakfast to Reading in the carriage. Eddy Patterson & his friend T. Luther came from Potte. in carrs, and after an early dinner Eddy took Mrs. Peale up and returned at dusk through the rain.
Luther went up to the field to seem them cultivating the corn they were driven home by the shower.
I took up the stair carpet and cover &c. and assisted in shaking it previous to the rain.
56°. calm dence fog. 77°. s w clo 4 n w. Toward evening a smart shower lasting until 8. 60° calm, clo 10 10 s w.
[[underlined]] Sunday 8. [[/underlined]] Brother George & John came this afternoon he stated that his son Theodore has been appointed to the Signal core at Baltimore with a salary of $1.10 per month and 2 servants and a horse.
58°. calm, clo. 7 n. 67°. s e clo 5 n e. 59°. n e clo 2 n e.
[[underlined]] Monday 9. [[/underlined]] I have worked the greater part of the day in the flower garden. Eddy Patterson and Thomas Luther have been assisting with the corn all the morning. John Patterson came down in the carrs, and E. & T. went up this evening & J. stays.
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