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We are spending the night at an elevation of 6400 feet.  We have filled another box of insects today.  Some of the insects look very interesting.

This box No. 324 makes ten boxes filled with insects since leaving Suifu.  The flies look specially interesting, and I would not be surprised if, with good luck, the fly collection this summer equalled that secured on the Songpan trip.

We killed four birds, but only one seems interesting or rare.  This district is not rich in birds along the river, near the main road.

Anybody who loves good roads and cannot endure bad roads had better stay away from Mupin.  The roads are so bad that horses cannot "navigate" them.  This is a rich district in specimens, but it is very hard work to get the specimens.

We had a very hard time getting food today.  The inns are merely farmhouses and there is often no food that can be purchased.  Anybody looking for a snap job had better not come to Mupin on a collecting expedition.

July 2.  Labelled box 325, pinned flies.  Killed 4 birds.

We are at the altitude of 6400 feet.

July 3.  Last night it rained, and we got the best catch of moths yet this year.

One of our soldiers got into a row with a civilian and gave him a bad cut under the right eye.  I dressed the wound and persuaded them to quit quarreling.  We filled box No. 326, insects.

The insects caught last night filled more than one box.  These boxes are larger than the ones I generally use.

We secured two snakes.  We arrived at [[underline]] Yav [[/underline]] ^[[Yao]] Gi on July 3rd.

^[[The larger one looks very interesting.]]

This afternoon I shot at a Mountain Goat at about 700 yards (I guess), and apparently hit him, but did not secure him.  He escaped into some underbrush and we could not find him.

We had no dogs to help.

July 4.  The local official is friendly and helping us as much as may be expected.

Last night our netters caught night moths until daylight, catching more moths than I have ever secured to date, during one night.  We formerly found it difficult to fill a box with insects in one day, and sometimes in several days.  We are now averaging more than a box a day.  The boxes we have been using since leaving Yachow are about twice as big as those formerly used.  If our luck keeps up, we'll get the finest catch of insects ever caught in a summer expedition.