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There is a full moon now, and bright, clear nights, so that we are securing no night moths. 

Aug. 20. Mailed boxes 417-419, also the diary covering the Mupin expedition. I took a collecting trip to the Suifu hills. I have been watching for a moth resembling the lunar moth but far more rare. Dr. Simpkins (correction in pencil: Tompkins) got one yesterday but will not part with it. 

Aug. 21. Spent all my spare time working over the Smithsonian accounts. I am moving to another house. I will vacate half this house now, and the rest after my return from my next trip. 
Aug. 21. The matter (correction in pencil: netter) collected on the Suifu hills. 
Aug. 22. Labelled and mailed box 420, Insects
Yang Fong Isang (correction in pencil: Tsang) was in good health this morning and helped me pack for the trip south of Suifu. After he had eaten his dinner, he became very sick with severe pains in his bowels. I had gone out to mail a box of specimens and to secure an official document that would make possible an escort when it might be needed. When Yang became ill, he came to my house looking for me. Failing to find me, he threw himself down on the floor in the front hall in front of my study door. He and the Chinese thought he was about to die. The fact is that many Chinese die suddently from such diseases. When I came home, I gave him a good dose of epsom salts. He again lay down in the hall in front of my study door. Soon afterwards he began to vomit, and vomited out all the food and medicines in his stomach. Later I gave him three laxative pills and some other medicine. In a little while he said he was feeling a trifle better but was still feeling very badly. I gave him plenty of cool water to drink. He soon went off into a deep sleep. Now he is much better, but we had an anxious hour or two.