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Yang Fong Tsang and I went over all his collecting outfit. I added a few rat-traps to replace some that had been lost or broken. He will collect a month, then probably go to Mupin to collect several months. 

Sept. 2. Labelled box 428, insects. We secured two very small but interesting snakes. They are scarcely a foot long, but may be small varieties. 

We moved from the home of Yang Font^[[g]] Tsang to a Chinese named Lo. 

Tonight the sky is clear, and so the catch of insects is small. 

This is a beautiful district, with high mountains, perpendicular limestone cliffs, forests, cornfields, etc. to interest the lover of beauty. There is plenty of coal, iron, and sulphur, and all are being mined, although by crude methods. 

Sept. 3. The vicinity of the Lo family is not a very good place to collect, so this afternoon I moved to the village of Tseo-Jai-Geo, where not over 300 or 400 people live. 

Leopards kill and eat one or two people a month approximately, in this district, if the stories of the inhabitants [[strikethrough]]is[[/strikethrough]] ^[[are]] true. 

Tonight the sky is cloudy. About dark there was a light rain. The night moths are coming to the lanterns better than usual. 

Tomorrow we go to Tsang Lin, and gradually on to Suifu. We will collect as we go. 

Yang Fong Tsang is to collect at home for a month, then go to Mupin. 

One of the most trying experiences to a foreigner in West China, when travelling, comes from the fact that a foreigner expects and loves privacy when sleeping, studying and working. It is nearly impossible to get privacy