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Sept. 7. We travelled to Li Duan Tsang, which we reached early. Gathered a lot of small fish in the local streams. We used the gasoline lantern but almost no moths came to the lantern. It has been a cold, dark day, raining most of the time. Tonight it is still raining. We have a 90 li trip to make tomorrow. The road will probably be slippery and wet, so that it will be a hard trip.
One of the gasoline lanterns is out of commission, and unless I can repair it at Suifu, it will be necessary to buy another one before next year. 

I'll be glad to reach Suifu and get some letters from my family. 

Sept. 8. We travelled 90 li to Li Chuang. In the morning it rained, making the roads bad, both muddy and slippery. In the afternoon it quit raining, and we got a few insects. Killed one bird. 

Sept. 9. We went overland to Suifu, arriving at 12.30. A good many letters were waiting me at Suifu. It rained part of the time, and the roads were muddy. We passed through a village where I did Red Cross work years ago when at this village. General Feng U. Shiang, "The Christian General," had a hard battle with the Yunnanese. General Feng was then under Yuan Shih Kai who was assuming the powers and position of emperor. 

Sept. 10. It rained practically all day. We spent all our spare time packing and labelling and drying specimens. I have seven boxes ready to mail tomorrow. 

Sept. 11. Filled and labelled box no. 431, dried insects. Box 430, I think it was, I emptied into box 431, filling the box emptied with fossils and insects in small bottles.