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The messenger and Yang Fong Tsang arrived.  A mountain that is almost inaccessible and a cave nearly inaccessible, near Yang's home, are in the possession of robbers.  Soldiers and militia have surrounded them for some time, but have not captured them.  They have threatened the whole district.  Troops have been sent in from Luchow and Suifu, and Yang Fong Tsang has not dared to leave.  He will come out as soon as the robbers are cleared out, and collect.  Meanwhile, he will do what he can at home.  the Suifu magistrate has come out especially to straighten this district out, and is now in this town.

Yang has not been permitted to shoot, but has over 30 mountain rats and three birds.

April 2.  Yang returned to his home, and I went to Kongshien.  Killed three birds.  Secured a few day insects, and used the gas lantern at night.  Not many insects came to the lantern.

Yesterday I measured two Chuan Miao Aborigines and today I measured two more.

There are robbers between here and Suifu so that I may have to take an indirect route to Suifu.

April 2.  Went to Kongshien.  Killed three birds and collected some insects.

April 3.  Filled up a bottle with water insects and collected a few moths.  The stars and the moon are out, so tonight no insects came to the lantern.

Word has just come that there is a band of 200 robbers near Shuin Gien Si.  people are fleeing from nearby towns.  This makes it necessary for us to change our route and go to Suifu by another road.  Robber bands are springing up in every direction, so we had better get to Suifu as soon as possible.

I took anthropometrical measurements of two Chuan Miao aborigines and of some Chinese yesterday, and of several Chinese today.  I have now measured 140 Chinese men and about [[strikethrough]] 85 [[/strikethrough]] ^[[35]] women. I want to increase the number of Chinese men measured to [[strikethrough]] 100 [[/strikethrough]] ^[[200]] as rapidly as possible.