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April 4.  All last night the streets of Kongshien were guarded by soldiers so the robbers could not in some way get possession of the city.

We were upstairs at daylight, and left early.  We went by a route entirely new to me, to Dong Di or Tong Ti, then to Tai Ping Tsang, and then to Li Duan Tsang.  This route took us through some excellent territory for collecting insects.  We got a fair catch both of water and air insects.  I expect later to send a collector into this territory to collect.  Today we travelled 100 li, all of which I walked, a total of over 30 miles.  There were so many bypaths that I had to hire a guide part of the way.

April 5  We travelled ninety li to Li Chuang. Secured more insects.

April 6.  Reached Suifu by noon Giang[[strikethrough]], and [[/strikethrough]] nette[[strikethrough]] r [[/strikethrough]]^[[d]] this afternoon ^[[and]] did well.  I spent some time taking care of specimens.  Filled box 547, winged insects.  I saw and took pictures of two executed criminals.  They were shot.  One was a robber and the other was deserting to be a robber when caught.

April 7.  Labelled mammals 372-405, all secured by Yang Fong Tsang at Tseo Jia Geo.  Filled box 548, ratskins and bones.  Box 549 ratskins, 550 rat skeletons.  Took three anthropometrical measurements.

April 8.  Filled box 551, insects, snuff bottle, skeletons.  Wrote Franck about Lai's collecting in Chengtu.  Mailed one box.  Giang got a fair catch of insects.  He can learn if he keeps trying.

April 9.  Filled boxes 552, fish; 553 bird and mammal skins.   I took a trip to the mountains with the netter Giang so as to give him more training.  We caught some good insects.  Mailed some samples of Chinese and aborigine hair to Doctor Hrdlicka.

April 10.  I purchased three mammal skins, numbers 406-8.  One is of little value, but two are of a species I have not seen before.  They came from a