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- 7 -

April 29.  Giang went again on a three day trip.  It is cloudy and raining so he probably will not get much.

Mailed four boxes of insects.

April 30.  I took two more measurements of Chinese men, making a total of 150 men.  I have copied all the measurements to date, and will send them off to Doctor Hrdlicka, the last batch, tomorrow.  I have already recently mailed two envelop^[[e]]s of measurements to Doctor Hrdlicka.

Today it was dark and rainy.

Filled box 574 fish, and box 575 bats and skeletons.

May 1.  Received a telegram requesting me to go to Chungking to meet our foreign secretary, Rev. J. H. Franklin, D. D.

Spent some time packing.

May 2.  Got started at 12 M. No steamers were starting just now, so I went in a small native boat.  I took the netter Giang along to net insects in Chung[[strikethrough]]ts[[/strikethrough]]^[[k]]ing.  Travelled after dark, reaching Giang an.

May 3.  Passed Luchow and stopped above Ho Kiang.  Soldiers made us cross the river and go ashore.  There had been a robbery on the river, and everybody was being searched.  We got grounded for a while on the shallows.

May 4.  Had an up-river wind much of the time.

May 5.  Reached Chung-king.  Faced an up-river wind most of the day.

May 6.  Sent Giang out to net.  Met Doctor Franklin at the wharf.

May 7.  Sent Giang out to net again.  He is to collect here three weeks.  Bough^[[t]] ticket and looked after baggage.  Made purchase^[[s]] for next summer's trip.

May 8.  Started for Suifu.  The steamer was dreadfully crowded, and there were droves of b[[strikethrough]]a[[/strikethrough]]^[[e]]dbugs in our room.

May 9. Reached Luchow.

May 10.  Reached Suifu.