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May 11. Labelled box 576, insects.

May 12. Mailed two boxes specimens, wrote letters re collecting. Purchased mammal No. 411, worked over accounts.

May 16. This week our time is taken up with conferences and committee meetings in connection with the visit of our Foreign Secretary, Doctor Franklin. He has tried to get me to cut out my trip to Tibet next summer, but I have not consented. He is a most likeable man, but he has not a great deal of sympathy with research, especially in the line of natural history.

May 19. Purchased a large, elephant-nosed fish, the first caught here for over a year. I'll skin it and send it to the Smithsonian.

Our secretary has tried to get me to practically drop my interest in natural science, but I have not consented to do so.

May 21. Bought a young owl. Packed box no. 577, fish, 578, mammal skin and snuff bottle. Mailed letter to Doctor Wetmore.

May 22. Purchased one rice-paddy hen.

May 24. Purchased yesterday two owls of a very large variety, the largest I have ever seen in Szechuan. They were captured in a nest on a high cliff 80 li west of Suifu. Today I purchased mammal no. 412.

May 25. Packed box 579. Fish and backbone to large elephant-nose fish.

May 26. Purchased a mammal, No. 413.

May 27. Purchased some fish, and packed one box of specimens, Box 580, birdskins, box 581, skeletons.

May 28. Purchased mammal no. 414, a fox, and an eel, mammal 415. Mailed three boxes of specimens.

May 29. Today I began packing for the Tatsienlu trip.

May 31. Purchased mammal 416 and some fish. 
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