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All the foreigners in our party but Doctor Crook and me are Canadians. They are all fine people. 

July 6. We are all ready for departure to Tatsienlu tomorrow. I have spent the day packing and getting ready. I am feeling much better now. Will begin collecting in earnest tomorrow. 

I'll number mammals from Number 500 on, because I lost the Diary that had the right record of the mammals sent. 

July 7. Last night Doctor Crook's cook struck for higher wages, refusing to take the trip. This morning it was patched out, but we were delayed in starting. We are now at Ma Lin Tsang, altitude 3500. There was a lot of moonlight tonight, so there were few night insects secured. We got a good catch of day insects. 

We crossed the pass called Gi^[[1]] Tsi^[[3]] Gang^[[4]], which is about 5000 feet high. 

I secured samples of the hair of eight Chinese. 

I gave the carpenter Wang some training in the use of a foreign shotgun. He did fairly well.

July 8. We travelled to Huang^[[2]] Li^[[3]] Pa^[[4]], 70 li. 
Before we arrived a very heavy rain began to fall. The official at Yuin^[[2]] Gin^[[1]] was very friendly and appointed ten soldiers with rifles. We will add four more tomorrow. 

The netters caught two varieties of butterfly that I have never seen before. Filled boxes 670-671, insects secured near Yachow. 

July 9. Filled box No. 672, insects secured on the Da Shiang Lin Pass, altitude between 4500 and 9400 feet. 

We started early, and crossed the Da Shiang Lin Pass, reaching Chin^[[1]] Chi^[[1]] S[[strikethrough]]p[[/strikethrough]]^[[h]]ien^[[4]]. It rained about the time we reached the summit, and later, just before the last loads arrived. 

Today was an ideal day for butterflies, and we secured some I have never seen before.