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altitude. We got a few birds, and some good insects, also mammal no. 476. We are camping at the elevation of 15000 feet, at Yu-Long-Si.
Last night we got some good insects. Tonight the insects are coming in well, considering the fact that the elevation is so high.
The Tibetans are quite friendly, and appreciate very much the picture postal cards I give them, provided by the Smithsonian Institution.
We are collecting at higher altitudes than on any previous expedition, but we are getting a smaller quantity of specimens than last year. There are more specimens at lower altitudes.
On the west side of the Zya-Ha-La Pass there is a creek which deposits yellow stone like the creek of the Yellow Dragon Gorge.
We are having several showers every day and every night, which makes collecting more difficult.
The travelling in these skin boxes makes the preserving of the specimens very difficult. They are not at all convenient for carrying and caring for specimens.
Secured a small mammal, mammal No. 476.

July 27. We killed one small mammal, 477 and 16 birds. Some of these birds I have not previously secured. It rained hard much of the day. We spent the time caring for specimens. The fires are not good enough to dry insects and other specimens. The mammals and bird skeletons have loads of maggots.
We are hampered by the frequent rains, but are collecting at 15000 feet.

July 28. On of my helpers, Shie, whom I brought along to do carpenter work when necessary, rebelled last night because the only boards we could purchase were rough, and there were not carpenters' 'horses.' The carpenter-hunter Wang and I sawed up boards and made the boxes, for we were desperately in need of boxes