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                       February 2, 1977

Mr. W.D. Prince
31 Skelton Street
Hamilton, N.S.W. 2303

Dear Mr. Prince:

    Your letter concerning your iron meteorite collected in the Canyon Diablo area has been forwarded to me for reply. From your description of the polished surface is certainly sounds as though your specimen is a piece of Canyon Diablo. The small inclusions which are said to be arranged in a rough geometric pattern are probably cohenite and suggest a crystallographic order to the host metal. Concentrations of small cohemite inclusions are often found in Canyon Diablo. The metal bands should become clearly visible with nitol etching which should bring out the typical octahedrite Widmanstatten pattern. The reason you have been unable to develope this pattern may simply be that the acid strength of the etchant needs to be increased. If, indeed, your specimen is Canyon Diablo, the Widmanstatten pattern should develope.

    If you have further difficulty making a positive identification, you may mail your specimen to us for further study.


                                      Albert F. Noonan
                                      Museum Specialist
                                      Division of Meteorites
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