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Western Australian Institute of Technology. [[/preprinted]]

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27 July 1976

Dr. B Mason
Department of Mineral Sciences
Smithsonian Institution
Washington D.C. U.S.A.

Dear Brian

The WA Museum is hoping to establish a facility for cutting large iron meteorites in Perth. In the past we have been dependent on other organisations to cut these meteorites for us.

I wonder if you could send me any information on the wiresaw you use for this purpose, so that we can build one and set it up in the WA Museum.

Hoping you can help us.

I am
Yours sincerely
[[signature]] ^[[John R de Laeter]] [[/signature]]
John R. de Laeter
[[underlined]] WA METEORITE ADVISORY COMMITTEE [[/underlined]]
^[[Roy: Would you reply to this, Please? [[underlined]] BM [[/underlined]] ]]

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