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Also enclosed with this letter are several of our publications that deal with the Allende meteorite.  The samples listed above are being sent to you under separate cover for your consideration as an exchange for approximately 500 g of Dhajala meteorite.  When the shipment is received, please date, sign and return the white copy of the invoice to the Office of the Registrar.

If you are still interested in exchanging for the Vigarano or Felix meteorites, we could probably suggest Indian meteorites that we would like to have.  The main mass of the Bali meteorite is in Vienna, and you might be able to arrange an exchange through Dr. Gero Kurat at the Natural History Museum.  Our specimen of Bali is too small to use in exchanges.  Our Al Rais specimen is also very small, and we would be reluctant to use it as exchange material.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this matter.


Roy S. Clarke, Jr.
Division of Meteorites



July 7, 1976

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