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December 15, 1976


Dr. V.K.S. Varadan
Geological Survey of India
27, Jawaharlal Road
Calcutta 13, India

Dear Sir:

With reference to my letter of September 8, 1976, (of which a copy is enclosed in case there has been postal problems) I wonder if it is still agreeable and desirable to you and your colleagues for me and/or Dr. Milton to visit Lonar and your headquarters in Calcutta.  It seems probable that I'll be traveling in the Orient sometime during the period late February to April.  Thus an early date in March would be most desirable although I would of course try to adapt any schedule to your best convenience.

Wlease, accept my assurance of a continued interest in our so far fruitful cooperations.  May I also wish a happy and successful 1977.

Sincerely yours,

Kurt Fredriksson
Division of Meteorites