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Address to Dhahran Fishing Club Sun July 26, 1948

"Fishes of Ras Tanura & Bahrain on the Persian Gulf and notes on a collection from Jidda on the Red Sea"

Preserved specimens on display

1 Eulamia  black fin shark  from Jidda market

2 Hippocampus  sea horse  Muharraq, Bahrain Is.

3 Arothron  black puffer  Red Sea

4 Arothron  puffer  Red Sea

5. 2 Hydrophis  poisonous sea snakes  Ras Tanura,fi
6 Scopaena  scorpion fish  Ras Tanura

7 Dussumiera  dwarf round herring  Ras Tanura

8 Tylosurus  bill fish  Ras Tanura

9 Petrometopon  sea bass  Ras Tanura

10 sea turtle  baby  Ras Tanura

11 Sparus datnia  broad porgy  Ras Tanura

12 Echeneis naucrates  shark sucker  Ras Tanura

13 Caranx  scad  Ras Tanura

14 Sardinella  sardine  Ras  Tanura

15 Gerres yg  mojarra  Ras Tanura

16 Crenidens crenidens  brown tooth porgy  Ras Tanua
Tanura[[aligned under Ras Tanua on previous line]]

^[[17 Arius thalassinus  sea catfish  Ra Tanura buoy 7]]

Dear Friends and fishermen:
I have brought with me some denizens of the deep because seeing is believing and they may raise questions in your minds,
The peculiar conditions of the Gulf are a subje
ct for an evening in themselves. I will consider a few facts briefly. Cold winter winds from the north have been known to drop Temperatures of air as low as 30 degrees F. Old timers
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