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April 30, 1924. Mailed box No. 161 - insects. Went to Li Chuang by boat. Saw some strange ducks, but did not get a shot at them. Practically all ducks have migrated northward. There was a big idol procession at ^[[L]]i Chuang that drew thousands of spectators.

May 1, 1924. Travelled about 18 miles to Gi4 Tien' Ba4. ^[[?]] Got two small birds and a few small insects. Shot at a yellow-necked small white heron, a long-distance fly shot, but did not get the bird.

May 2, 1924. Travelled about 12 miles to Muh Jiu Piu. ^[[JIN PIN]] Killed a desirable bird, or rather wounded it. It dropped over a cliff. A farmer appeared and tried to catch it. I told him not to take it by the tail, but he did, and all the tail feathers came out. I turned the bird loose. Another bird was shot to pieces and so was useless, but a third was secured in fine condition- a yellow one with black feathers.

May 3, 1924. At this time I found that the coolie at home had left out all my ammunition I had told him to put in, so had to hire a messenger and send him to Suifu after it. Reached Muh Jiu Piu. Killed a pretty yellow bird with black.. Killed another bird. A Chinese caught it by the tail and pulled all the feathers out, spoiling it.

May 4, 1924. Reached Li Tuan Tsa^[[c]]ng. ^[[?]]
Shot one bird yesterday with the shotgun and blew it to pieces, so that it was useless. Another was wounded, but a Chinese caught it by the tail, and all the tail feathers came out. I turned the bird loose in the woods. At Li Tuan Tsang ^[[?]] killed a bird with bright blue bill, bright blue eyelids, and a brown tail with two long feathers and short ones. Body slightly bigger than a sparrow. Wing brownish red, head [[underlined]] shining [[/underlined]] ^[[SHINY]] black - probably a flycatcher. Went on six miles to Nyan Lin Chiao. ^[[?]]

May 5, 1924. Went to Tong Fo ^[[LO]] Gin ^[[?]], about twelve miles south of [[underlined]] Nyan [[/underlined]] ^[[NGAN]] Lin Chiao. Killed three heron, white, with yellow on necks and backs. One heron white on breast, dark blue on back, etc. Total of six birds. Found coolie did not put in any arsenic!! One brown bird, probably a flycatcher, secured an uncommon butterfly generally found on oak leaves.
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