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May 28, 1924. Carpenters busy making insect boxes and birdskin boxes.

May 29, 1924. Busy at odd moments every day, getting acquainted with the collecting outfit.

May 30, 1924. Tried out the twenty-two rifle.

May 31, 1924. Received a lot of insects from my collector Ho at Chengtu.

June 4, 1924. Collector Chen returned from a 20-day trip to the district south of Suifu.

June 5, 1924. Collector Chen departed on another trip west of Suifu, searching for a swallow-tailed day moth or butterfly I saw west of Suifu near Shih Chi [[circled]] ^[[Shih Chi]] [[/circled]] on the Yangtse River, about 80 miles west of Suifu, a very small town. 
Tried out the big high-power rifle.

June 6, 1924. There's no excuse for my not getting some big game with this fine high-power rifle, - just what I've wanted all the time to make some of these leopards, etc. hunt their holes.
Prepared two insect boxes for shipping.

June 7, 1924. Cleaned all the guns, and oiled them. Had a boy fish all day, but he caught nothing.

June 8, 1924. Vaccinated the third time for typhoid.

June 9, 1924. Looked over medical kit - added the few medicines still lacking. Began to pack for the mountains. Carpenters have been busy about two weeks making boxes in which to ship insects and other specimens.

June 10, 1924. Received telegram, "Washington, D.C. Re. David C. Graham, Suifu, Szechuen. Songpan trip outlined your letter March eight approved letter follows. Ravenel."
Today my coolies have been busy reoiling the oil sheets for summer use on the collecting trip.

June 11, 1924. Packed boxes 170 and 171 for mailing. Coolies oiled the oilcloths for the summer trip.

June 17, 1924. Mailed boxes 172, 173, containing 52 birdskins.

Transcription Notes:
Both i's in Shih Chi have hand written little c accent above them but I'm unsure how to transcribe.

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