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July 6, 1924. Travelled about 20 miles. Secured some fine insects. I forgot it was Sunday, or rather thought tomorrow was. Wild boar and a bear were seen across the river, and mountain goats or wild goats. Finally we saw the wild goats across the river. I raised the sights the first time, but overshot. Then I lowered the sights and still overshot. The third time Mr. goat came rolling down the steep cliff. I had to hire two men to cross the river on a rope bridge, there being a single bamboo cable, cross a very wild and rough stretch of country to the goat and bring the goat to me. This delayed us so that we reached the tavern after dark. The goat is gray and weighed 48 pounds. Killed birds 54-60.

July 7, 1924. A hard day's trip. The road was rough. The country had a semi-arid appearance with few birds and insects. All were quite tired when we reached the inn. 
Birds 61-63, No. 61 was a cuckoo that I did not number, though[[underlined]][[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]][[/underlined]] otherwise labelled[[underlined]]![[/underlined]][[upper portion of exclamation point crossed out, leaving only a period]] ^[[No "t", no exclamation.]] Got lots of interesting snails. 

July 8, 1924. Travelled nearly 30 miles - a rather rough road, semi-arid country. Killed nine birds but the tired skinners could not skin them all. Plenty of wasps and bees. Secured a small butterfly I'd never seen before. Killed three large swift swallows on the wing. 
Birdskins 64-68.

July 9, 1924. Passed through Mowchow. Coolies were determined to stay overnight at Mowchow, but I succeeded in getting them to go on. Nearly every carrier smokes opium. My feet are quite sore. Plenty of wild animals are on the high mountains, but along the river where the road runs it is semi-arid with very few birds and insects and no mammals. 
Birds No. 69-74.

July 10, 1924. Reached Shih Ta Kuen, probably 22 miles - with some rough roads. We seem to have finished the semi-arid region. I saw the fist [[underlined]] oguk [[/underlined]] ^[[? yak]] caravans. They belonged to Shi Fan ^[[? OK]] aborigines. Very few birds and insects in the semi-arid region we have been travelling through for several days. Birds 75-80. 

July 11, 1924. Reached small town Su' Wan 20 li beyond Tieh ^[[c]][[superscript]] 5 [[/superscript]] [[strikethrough]] S [[/strikethrough]] ^[[C]]hi. ^[[?]] Climbed from the semi-arid region to the higher plateau. Vegetation different. Big black ants disappear, big red ones appear. Saw a wild boar. Escort lost my official passport!! Lots of Chinese pheasants and cliff
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