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pigeons. There were two hard hills to climb. Saw a number of insects I never saw before, and secured most of them. Birds 81-82.

July 12, 1924. A heavy rain during the night and early  morning – a late start. Roads very muddy. Saw many pheasants. Reports are plenty of big game on the high mountains – white bear, musk deer, long-haired monkeys, etc. Saw a number of aborigines called Shi [[underlined]] Jane [[/underlined]]. ^[[? fan]] They look much like the Tibetans. Birds No. 83-86.

July 13, 1924. Travelled 90 li, probably 30 miles upstream. A wonderful district for insects, of which we caught many. Several butterflies I had not seen before. Secured a bird I had not secured before.
Shot a cliff swallow. Shot a female pheasant on the fly and blew its head off, so it was useless. In these higher, cool altitudes, lots of insects are found under stones where they hide from the cold. This is not the case in the lower altitudes of Szechuen. Saw several aborigines. Secured birds 87-97.

July 14, 1924. Arrived at Songpan. City is smaller than Tatsienlu and not a foreigner in it. Must have an escort when leaving the city any distance.
Birds 98-104.

July 15, 1924. A.M. Killed 32 birds before dinner. Some of them new. P.M. Killed 12 birds, one snake - three birds useless. Met local military official. Took pictures of Bo[[superscript]] 4 [[/superscript]] Loh[[superscript]] 5 [[/superscript]] Tsis[[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]] (Heh [[underlined]] Shien [[/underlined]]) ^[[Shun?]] aborigines. Rain in the afternoon. Waded in the water and caught cold.
Birdskins 105-142.
July 16, 1924. A. M. Secured 30 birds, also insects. Bought strawberries (wild). P.M. took care of specimens, took pictures of aborigines, etc. [[underlined]] Write [[/underlined]] ^[[Wrote]] necessary letters. Met the Magistrate about hunting trips. Also met Militia officer. Caught cold. Official forbade travelling north or west but permitted it east.
Birdskins 143-171.

July 17, 1924. Prepared for trip to Whang Long [[underlined]] Li [[/underlined]], ^[[? Si]] Yellow Dragon Temple, a little over 20 miles away eastward. Had dinner in a Chinese home. Took several pictures of aborigines. Went out after supper catching night moths. 
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