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July 25, 1924. Took a number of pictures of Yellow Dragon Gorge, aborigines, etc. Two hard climbs. Secured three more pheasants. Pack animals were expected but did not arrive. Sending a special messenger tomorrow. We have cleaned out most of the birds of this vicinity. 
Birdskins 309-24. Killed one rabbit. 

July 26, 1924. Spent much time caring for specimens and preparing to go to Songpan City, thence towards Chengtu. Pack animals arrived early. Secured some good insects. 
Birdskins No. 325-327.

July 27, 1924. Travelled back to Songpan. Crossed two passes. Arrived early but very tired. Met the magistrate, who said that it was unsafe on account of brigands to go north or west. We will therefore go south and seek another good collecting spot. Killed 20 birds. Received the first letters from my wife and children for ten days. Rained on us just after noon. Magistrate refused to be responsible for my safety if I went west or north, where the best hunting grounds are, because of brigands. 
Birdskins 328-348. 

July 28, 1924. Made arrangement for carriers southward A.M. 15 birds. P.M. killed a fish duck. Cared for specimens, etc. Secured some insects. Felt under the weather. 
Birds 349-364. 

July 29, 1924. Feeling better, but one collector is sick. Purchased large black pheasant. Its tail feathers were partly gone. This pheasant is found north and west of Songpan but comes down to Songpan in the winter. Getting ready for the trip southward. 
Bird. No. 365. 

July 30, 1924. Travelled 70 li. Helpers were tired, so went no farther. Secured a snake and some good insects. P. M. climed a high hill after musk deer. Saw their tracks and signs of a bear. Stopped at Shin' Tang[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] Kuan'. A rain storm after dark. Visited Shi [[double underline]] Gan [[/double underline]] ^[[[[double underline]] Fan [[/double underline]]]] home.  Birds No. 366 - 373. 

July 31, 1924. Travelled 80 li. Secured one squirrel and nine birds. A very hard wind in the afternoon made netting insects difficult. Travelled to Tsen[[superscript]] 4 [[/superscript]] Pin[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] Tsang[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]], a small village. There are fewer birds here than at [[underlined]] Songhan [[/underlined]] ^[[Songpan]] and Huang Long Sï, or Yellow Dragon Temple.
Birds No. 374 - 382.  

Transcription Notes:
"Tang" in second to last paragraph has "c" accent mark over "a". "Pin" and "Tsang" in last paragraph both have "c" accent marks over the "n"s

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