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stream and was drowned. My rifle, the Smithsonian tents and folding chair, and my folding bed were lost. Could find no trace of man or things. Allowed to stay in the magistrate's yamen, which is really a stone fortress. P.M. rained. 
Birds No. 395-397.

August 8, 1924. Secured ten birds. Eleven men searched the river all day and found the tents and the drowned [[underlined]] collie's [[/underlined]] ^[[coolie's]] trousers. Secured a few good insects. No trace of the drowned man or the other things. The lost rifle could better be spared from the collecting outfit than any other one we have. The loss of the Newton high-power rifle or a shotgun would have been serious. I'm still weak but improving. 
Birds No. 398 - 407. 

August 9, 1924. The tents have holes in them caused by the rocks in the river. The tent bag is lost. The fleas are bothersome. Haven't had fruit to eat for several days. Climbed a high mountain to survey the country. Saw a black bear a long way off. Now have four hunters to help find mammals. Nine birds. Secured some good insects. 
Birds No. 408 - 417. 

August 10, 1924. Aborigine hunters tried hard to get a deer or a mountain goat but failed. We have decided to cut out that expense and secure any mammals we can by our own efforts and without their aid. Secured eight birds. There are many odd, but they are hard to get because of the dense thickets. I have not been able to secure fruit to eat. Bought some honey that looks like black water but tastes a little sweet. Can buy no milk here. Secured a lot of interesting flies. Not feeling well, but kept at work. Dead man's body found.
Birds 418 - 425. 

August 11, 1924. Went upstream to lamasery. Secured 23 birds, some of them new. Have decided to move near the lamasery and collect a few days. There are more vegetation, birds, and insects there. One tree squirrel [[underlined]] mammal [[/underlined]] ^[[mammals]] No. 11-13. Two animals that eat bamboo roots. Birds No. 426 - 449. 

August 12, 1924. Moved up the canyon to a more favorable spot for collecting. More woods and shrubbery. Rain in the afternoon. Secured fifteen birds, one new variety, and one squirrel. Natives say that there are few small mammals in this section. Moon out every night, therefore poor success with night moths. 
Birds No. 450 - 464, Mammal No. 14. 
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