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August 13, 1924. Secured 14 birds and three mammals, one a black deer, a tree frog and some insects. Birds here are getting thinned out. No pheasants or grouse. Some signs of wild mice, so have placed out some traps. Ate supper at an aborigine home. Am planning begin moving towards Suifu on the 15th. 
Birdskins 465 - 478.
Mammals No. 15 - 17. 

August 14, 1924. A. M. Rain prevented operations. Sent head coolie to the city to engage coolies for the trip home. Secured 21 birds, two mammals. Today's collecting was in dense underbrush and sometimes on the side of the mountain. Nearly slid down once. I've probably misnumbered some of the bird specimens. 
Mammals No. 18 - 19.
Birds No. 479 - 503. 

August 15, 1924. Moved back to Kuan Tsae ^[[Tsai (?)]]. One skinner sick with chronic diarrhea. Secured two strange rats, one young animal, one black deer, nine birds. Worked till late at night caring for specimens. Could easily secure other mammals if I were to remain longer, but already have made arrangements to move. 
Birdskins 504 - 513. 
Mammals 20 - 24. 

August 16, 1924. Moved to small town Tong[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] Kuan' on the main road to Chengtu. Received today the letter of instructions from Mr. Ravenel concerning this trip. If I had waited for that letter I could not have taken this trip this summer. Received a cub bear as a present. He is quite small. 

August 17, 1924. Rained practically all day, making travel difficult. The road was also rough. Stopped at Yin[[superscript]] 4 [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Shin[[superscript]] 4 [[/superscript]] Nan' [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] ^[[Wan? Shiu]] [[/underlined]]. The cub bear is very active and [[underlined]] mischevious [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] ^[[mischievious]] [[/underlined]]. He bit my elbow once. Because of the rain we got few insects, but got five birds. The sick birdskinner is improving, but still weak. When I [[underlined]] reached [[/underlined]] ^[[reach]] Chengtu I will have walked all this trip excepting about five miles when I was sick and was given a ride on Mr. Torrence's horse. Five birds, Nos. 514 - 518. 

August 18, 1924. Travelled to Kuanshien. Took pictures of the rope bridge. Spent the night at the chapel with Mr. Hutchinson. A little tired, but feeling well. Rained in the afternoon. The Davis family and Mrs. Bowles and her children arrived after dark. Mr. Franck arrived before the others. 
Three birds, 519 - 521. 
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