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   August 19, 1924. Travelled 85 li to Kao' Tientsi ^[[OK?]]. A very hot day. Lots of mosquitoes. One bird. 522.

   August 20, 1924. Reached Chengtu before dinner. Saw Dr. Humphreys and visited Brace, F. R. G. S. of the Border Research Society. Stayed at the home of the British Consul Ogden. Engaged boat for down river. Secured escort. Very hot.

   August 21, 1924. Travelled as far as Pin[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] Shan. Wrote several letters. Slept and rested. Another warm day. The baby bear is getting quite affectionate. Saw many white egrets.

   August 22, 1924. Reached Kiating and moved things from the boat to the chapel. Saw Dr. Crawford and Mr. Clark.

   August 23, 1924. Walked 120 li to Shin Kai Si. Much trouble with coolies. A very hot day. Arrived just before dark. This day's walk was ^[[insertion]] ^[[fully]] [[/insertion]] thirty-three miles, with a hard climb at the end.
   Two birds, 523 - 524.

   August 24, 1924. Very hot weather. Mr. Clark, who came up from Kiating today, fainted after reaching Shin Kai Si - the heat was too much for him. The helpers rested up from the trip, to work vigorously Monday and Tuesday. Tens of people came over to see the baby bear. Met lots of old friends after the church service. I certainly enjoyed being with my family again. The Mission has asked me to spend six months at [[underlined]] Ningyuanfu [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] ^[[Ningyuenfu]] [[/underlined]], a fine collecting spot.

   August 25, 1924. Visited friends, attended a community meeting and a committee meeting; family had a picnic supper. Picked over the summer's catch of insects at Shin Kai Si. Sent netter to work on the higher altitudes for about two weeks. Secured nine birds. Very hot.
   Birdskins No. 525 - 534.

   August 26, 1924. Another hot day ending in a thunderstorm at night - a fair catch of nightmoths. Secured fifteen birds (later one, 16 in all). The last four birds were skinned Aug. 27, P.M. and were about spoiled by the hot weather.
   Birds No. [[underlined]] 635 [[/underlined]] ^[[535]] - 550. The skinners could not skin them all in one day and we were travelling all August 27, with no time to skin the birds till night.

   August 27, 1924. Walked 80 li to Suchi, and took a boat 40 li on to Kiating. Spent the night at the home of Rev. A. P. [[underlined]] Juentin [[/underlined]] ^[[Quentin]], an author, and a member of the West China Border Research Society. Mr. [[underlined]] Juentin [[/underlined]] ^[[Quentin]] helped secure a boat. Heard that the English Consul was robbed above [[underlined]] Zachow [[/underlined]]  ^[[Yachow]], a road over which we passed last year. 
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