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^[[Wen Chwan Hsien on Min River, 65 miles NW of Chengtu, Szechwan]]

Rev. D. C. Graham's Diary

^[[Diary No B]]
Last mammal No. 1171
Last box filled No. 60

July 16, 1933. Last night I stayed up very late to finish preparations for the trip. This morning I was up at daybreak, and we made a good journey, 65-70 li to Shi Pu. The chapel had been occupied by troops and was in an awful mess, but we cleaned it up and were quite comfortable. 

It was a terribly hot day. I had to visit the officials in two places to get an escort, which was one man without arms. 

^[[? Kuanshien]]
July 17. Reached [[underlined]]K[[strikethrough]]i[[/strikethrough]]^[[u]]anshien[[/underlined]]. Passed one place where enemy troops were a quarter of a mile away. I got passports ready. The bridge d[[strikethrough]]e[[/strikethrough]]^[[i]]viding Kuanshien City had been destroyed, and very recently rebuilt. There had been heavy fighting about the city for nearly two months. There had been considerable caaonading and rifle firing. 

The officials were very kind, and gave us passports and nearly all of them are useful. 

July 18. We travelled 60 li to the tip of the Yang Lei Sin Pass, and are in the temple at the top of the pass for the night. The collectors caught a fair catch but some of the butterflies were ruined. 

This morning we got up early, and went to the west gate of the city, where we travelled along the main road. The Min River is very near this road -- or rather the road is on the north bank of the river. The 24th army occupies the south bank. They fired three times at us near the city, and twice about five miles above the city. I

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