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Aug. 5. We travelled up the creek, called Dong Men Yeo to the village called Oh Er. This is an aborigine village, one of the last up this creek. We caught some very good insects today. This looks like a place well worth working. We got some rare butterflies today. 

This is a Chiang aborigine town. The village head is very friendly, and will do everything to help. The three netters will net and trap. I will hunt birds and large mammals. 

We will have to bring practically all our provisions up from Wei Chow, for there is little here. 

Aug. 6. Today the three collectors netted insects, with fair results. I spent the day hunting with two hunters and a guide. I killed one strange-looking bird, and three mountain goats. 

Filled Box 74. Dried insects. Killed one snake. The mountain goats were on an almost perpendicular cliff. The hunters did marvellous work getting along that cliff after the game. 
[[handwritten bracket indicating following three lines]]
Mammal 1183 - female wild goat ^[[- 258674]]
" [[ditto for: Mammal]] 1184 - male " " [[dittos for: wild goat]] ^[[258675]]
" [[ditto for: Mammal]] 1185 - female " " [[dittos for: wild goat]] ^[[258676]] 
[[handwritten bracket indicating previous three lines]] ^[[Naemorhaedus]]

Aug. 7. Trapped two mammals, ^[[Apodemus (258547)]] no. 1186, a mouse, 900^[[0]] feet, No. 1187, ^[[ [[Dremauy?]] (258505)]] a squirrel, 900^[[0]] feet. We spent the whole day working hard to take care of the specimens killed yesterday. Only Yao was able to net insects. We are setting traps every night. 

Aug. 8. I left the three netters at O' Er and went to Dong Men Wai, where I sent up the gasolene lanterns, food, gasolene, kerosene, etc. to O' Er. Then I went on to Tao, ^[[T]][[strikethrough]]L[[/strikethrough]]ei Pin or Preach Flut, a Chiang Aborigine village. I will soon return to O Er, for wild game 

Transcription Notes:
* fixed handwriting formatting to match instructions... ^[[text]] - added ^[[0]] to the alt measures for Aug. 7. - added [[strikethrough]] on "Lei" in Aug. 8.