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315 Skin of a wolf  5.00 and a golden-haired monkey 12.00.

April 21, 1934. Animal No. 1340 - White Panda. 

Box No. 316, mammal 1338    value, 17 catties. 
Box 317, White Panda $6.00, 11 catties,
  Mammal 1340
Box 318, No. 1340
^[[C]]catties mountain goat 7.00
Box 319, Bones of White panda  $12.00
  17 catties.
Box 320, Bones of mountain goat
  skull of white panda $6.00
  9 catties
Box 321, Bones of antelope 10.00
  18 catties. 
Box 322, mammal 1336
  10 catties
323, Skull bones, value 5.00
   10 catties.
Mammal 1341 is a fox, purchased at Chengtu, April 18, 34

April 21, 1934.  Today I weighed the above skins and labelled boxes.  I want to make plans to ship these out as soon as possible. 

I received a letter from Kiating about a very rare animal skin. I could get it for about $40.00 gold. I covet it for the Smithsonian but I'm afraid to buy it until I hear that a check has been sent. 

324 animal skin. 

April 26, 1934. Recently the netter Yao returned from Kuanshien where he has been working in the hills. He was handicapped by rainy weather but brought back three boxes. I have not had time to sift them out thoroughly. 

Box 325 is insects from Chengtu. 

Boxes 326 - 8 are insects from Kuanshien altitude 2,500 to 3,500 feet. 

April 30, 34. The skinner Ho has gone on vacation. I will start night moth catching at once. 
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