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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-61Engine, aircraft, Franklin 180 H.P. GA-335-B1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copyMr. Paul H. Wilkinson Collection of Aircraft Engine Prints, submitted as such by Mr. R. Meyer: See following page. WO #s on this page without negative #s: 1657, 1780, 1969, 2144. Requesting unit data without negative #s: NASM 361-72, NASM 394-72, NASM 436-72, NASM 466-72.
72-62Engine, aircraft, SNECMA-Regnier 4L (France)1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-63Engine, aircraft, Meteor Alfa-21437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-64Engine, aircraft, Meteor Alfa-41437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-65Engine, aircraft, C2 Echo M-110 H1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-66Engine, aircraft, SNECMA 12 S1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-67Engine, aircraft, Rolls-Royce Continental G10-470-A, 471 cubic ins., 310 B.H.P.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-68Engine, aircraft, Curtis-Wright, C7BA, Helicopter 1952/53.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-69Engine, aircraft, 1845, 0968, 51, France.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-70Engine, aircraft,SNECMA Vulcan 1954, French construction.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-71Engine, aircraft, Blackburn + General Aircraft, Ltd. Great Britain. 0968-51.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-72Engine, aircraft, Potez 8D32 in production, rcd 1956. 0968-51.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-73Engine, aircraft, Lycoming, IO-720. 1407.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-74Engine, aircraft, Potez 6D-00 #E76.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-75Engine, aircraft, Alfa-115. #B-2213.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-76Engine, aircraft, Continental G.T. S10-520-104-5X1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-77Engine, aircraft, helicopter, reaction motors for rocket jet, U.S.A.1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-78Engine, aircraft, Rolls-Royce, limited crewe, motor car div, 6-200-A1437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-79Engine, aircraft, Franklin-6A. 335, 260 H.P. Spec # 198661437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-80Engine, aircraft, Franklin-4A. 225,125 HP. Spec # 198901437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-81Engine, aircraft, SNECMA 12T, 0968-511437MeyerNASM 304-72H.J12/22/1971BW4x5copy
72-82Furniture label, Victorian BK Case (Back)0007GoodeOff. of Sect'yFarrar12/30/1971BW4x5photog
72-83Automobile, radiator cap. National Ass'n eagle on globe. Donated by Harlem Lodge # 457 F + A.M.2388BerkibileTrans #63HOF1/4/1972BW4x5photog
72-84A72-84BHon. Theod. Roosevelt medical kit.2340CollinsPolit. Hist.HOF1/4/19722BW4x5photog
72-85Madison shoe buckle2343CollinsPolit. Hist.HOF1/4/19721BW4x5photog
[[underline]]Wilkinson Collection of aircraft engine prints [[/underline]] submitted as such by Mr R. Meyer:1657MeyerNASM #361-72ALEX & HOF12/22/1971BW4x5copy
SEE FOLLOWING PAGE1780MeyerNASM #394-72ALEX & HOF12/22/1971BW4x5copy
1969MeyerNASM #436-72ALEX & HOF12/22/1971BW4x5copy
2144MeyerNASM #466-72ALEX & HOF12/22/1971BW4x5copy
2144MeyerNASM #466-72ALEX & HOF12/22/1971BW4x5copy

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