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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-340Rolls Royce Avon (Afterburner) model avon (08 (RA.7R1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy"Continued Aero engines, prints - Wilkinson collection." at top of description column applies from negative 72-340 through 72-350
72-341Avon RA-7 (26) C.A.C Avon RA.7 (26)1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-342Orenda Iroquois E-115071537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-343Solar Jupiter # F-36611537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-344West - J54 #8801 -1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-345Asta 20v, Turbo Meca G2 81537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-346Turbo Mica Aspin, Model - Aspin - 11, France1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-347Avon RM5A #10976, Svenska Flyg Sweden1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-348"Marca Dan" Turbo - Prupulsseun. France1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-349Marcel Dassault, M.D. 30, France, MDL-MO 30 Viper.1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-350S-E.P.R. Rocket Jets . 841. France1537MeyerNASM 336-72H.J.12/22/197119BW4x5Copy
72-351Aircraft, Travel Air E 4000, Curtis-Wright Coll.1785OakesNASM 392H.J.11/09/19712BW4x5Copy
72-352Aircraft, Travel Air 4000, BI-plane w/200 H.P. Wright J-4 Eng.1785OakesNASM 392H.J.11/09/1971BW4x5Copy
72-35372-3583 prints w/Gene Autry; LS Bixler, The Kenton Hdwre Co.2131Roth.Costum & FurnshgsAlex, Hof12/22/19716BW4x5Copy
72-359Compass used by. Gen John C. Breckenridge to escape to Mexico2249CollinsPolit Hist.Hof12/14/19711BW4x5Photog
72-360Engraving from Harper's Wkly Jan 3. 1874 - The Centennial Tea-Party & Georges Illustrations2251CollinsPolit. Hist.Hof12/15/19711BW4x5Copy
72-36172-364Perceptron - (Mark 1) 1958 Model 4 views - at MHT2300MerzbachS & T Sec MathHof12/21/19714BW4x5Photog
72-365Aircraft - ACFT, gliders at Wright Field, Ohio, WWII, U.S. Army, Photos, Lloyd Sant Myer Coll. Stinson L-I Vigilant2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-366Aircraft Stinson L-1 Airborne2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-367Aircraft Stinson SR-10F Reliant2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-368Aircraft Stinson XC-81D (SR-10F) Reliant2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-369Aircraft Stinson SR-10F Reliant (brake drum mounted)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-370Aircraft Stinson SR-10F (cable winch assem. w/brake drum mounted2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-371Aircraft Sinson XC-81D (SR-10F) Reliant (prop. removed)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-372Aircraft Stinson XC-81D (SR-10F) Reliant (tow cable attach.)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-373Aircraft Stinson XC-91D (?) (SR-10F) Reliant (tow cable attach.)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-374Aircraft Douglas B-23 Dragon2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-375Aircraft Stinson XC-81D (SR-10F) Reliant (tension taken up)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
72-376Aircraft Stinson XC-81D (SR-10F) Reliant (becoming airborne)2102MikeshNASM 459-7201/06/197262BW4x5Copy
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